American dream : an empty promise

Why is the American Dream an empty promise?

In the aftermath of the American presidential election, it appears the “American Dream” is still the leitmotiv of both foremost parties, trying to make it rise from its ashes.

The American Dream is a fabulous hope for the lower and middle class; however, it often turns out to be disappointing. The myth promises personal fulfillment, though this pledge is rarely held. Thus, this pipedream is at odds with facts on the ground and with the millions of people struggling every day – poorly rewarded. The ride to the American heavens, the journalist bemoans, seems bumpier (bumpy: cahoteuse) than proclaimed by Clinton.

In fact, a College degree epitomizes the Holy Grail, since it is a major instrument to fulfill the American Dream. But it is rather a nightmare for some, mired in debt. Similarly, homeownership – the quintessence of the middle-class success – sometimes comes to a juddering halt, when banks lend money excessively. Of course, this dream is beautiful and laudable, though most people can’t afford it.

Dreaming in Technicolor could be a godsend, if it buoyed up and inspired Americans. Trouble is, this fantasy overshadows the true problems. Gaps between young and old people, between the poor and the wealthy have deepened, and the illusion of the American Dream might feed this phenomenon even more.

In a nutshell: facts debunk the old-age myth. The fact that the poorest can’t climb up the ladder is a case in point. Not only is this jingle/slogan a mirage, but it also distracts Americans from bona-fide issues.


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